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Broom sequence from 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' stays true to the original

The classic broom sequence from Disney's 'Fantasia' provided the basis for the upcoming live action movie, and a new featurette shows how the filmmakers pay homage to the original while modernizing it for a new generation. The video also provides the most footage so far of how the scene will play out in the new film.

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jarodwarren3951d ago

Considering that recently, almost all of Nick Cage's best work has been in Disney films, I'm really anticipating this one. It's looks like a solid live action attempt at the cleaning sequence, let's hope they nail it in the final release.

darklordzor3951d ago

That's true, those National Treasure movies were incredibly fun to watch. Despite some of his other films, I think he's a great actor, and one who get's too much flak. I'm really looking forward to seeing this film.

JL3949d ago

Agreed, loved National Treasure movies. Just a fun time. Justin Bartha helped make those movies more enjoyable too.

On that note, while, yes, Cage has been involved in some pretty crap movies (I'm looking at you Wicker Man and Bangkok Dangerous), he's still a real good actor when he wants to be. You need look no further than Leaving Las Vegas or Matchstick Men or even his dual role in Adaptation. And he's done well in plenty other enjoyable movies such as Lord of War, Bringing out the Dead, Windtalkers. Even his generic roles in movies like Face-off, Snake Eyes, Gone in Sixty Seconds and so on made for enjoyable fun movies.

josephgomez3951d ago

I am personally not a fan of the "National Treasure" film franchise. However, Nic Cage is an always interesting actor. Curious to see where he goes with this performance. Hopefully Bruckheimer doesn't stall him.

mediafrenzii3951d ago

I wasn't very fond of the 'National Treasure' franchise either. Between that and The DaVanci Code series I couldn't take it. Nobody is that lucky!

CMDobson3950d ago

This film looks incredibly fun to watch.