First poster for 'The Social Network' is a missed opportunity

The poster for the comedy/drama film about the founders of Facebook has been released. Looking more like a hastily put together Photoshop mess than a professional design, the poster feels like a giant missed opportunity.

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jarodwarren4433d ago

I'm glad to see Mr. Eisenberg getting new work. Though I have to agree, they production team tried to be very "hip" and "informed" with this poster and came off all wrong in the finished product.

Guess we'll see if the next one that comes out will hit the mark.

amsdesignphoto4433d ago

I hope they design to put more thought into the next one. A kindergarten student could design a better poster. That's not saying much.

darklordzor4433d ago

It's just goofy looking. There are so many other ways they could have gone with this poster.

amsdesignphoto4433d ago

I want to cry at this design. As a designer, I want to choke the people that approved this. They could have gone so many directions. The creativity could've been endless. They could've incorporated the design of Facebook within it and still use all the play on words. I give up. This would've been a designers' dream to create an ingenious poster. This is definite a huge SNAFU with no redemption. :(

darklordzor4433d ago

Absolutely right. It is kind of sad, and I hope this isn't a sign of how the movie itself will be.

CMDobson4432d ago

I agree. This poster just came off weird.