'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' trailer is very colorful

The recently released trailer for the third Chronicles of Narnia film has given fans their first taste of footage from the anticipated film. But vibrant colors and weak CGI might lose all of the progress the series made in 'Prince Caspian'.

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jarodwarren4434d ago

Though the trailer is decent, it seems to me that the sequels in this story are taking the same route that many animation sequels do. Take Lion King for example or Tarzan. Some of the best CGI and animation (for their time) but none of the effort went into the sequels. Either they are getting sloppy or they know it'll bank on the name alone and are saving money for marketing or really expensive actors.

Who knows, but it's a shame since the first film, CN: LWW, was incredible.

darklordzor4434d ago

Yeah the CGI just looks kind of cheap, but partly that's because it is so vibrant. With colors like that any little flaw is more noticable.

CMDobson4432d ago

You're right about the quality, but I'm such a Narnia nerd I'm still probably going to see it WITH enthusiasm. lol.