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Spartacus: Blood and Sand - Nudity, Gore and Uncomfortable Truths

Spartacus: Blood and Sand smashed its way onto Northern American screens in January amidst an orgy of blood, sex, severed limbs and inevitable controversy. With the success of historical epics such as Rome and The Tudors, Spartacus focuses on the underbelly of Roman societies, the base elements of Caligulan excess. Watched by over a million viewers in the US, the show was quickly snapped up by Australian, Dutch, Canadian and UK networks but with its popularity comes calls for bans and censorship.

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amsdesignphoto5086d ago

I like the show tremendously. It's set apart from most television. It pushes the limits and makes you ponder if this is how true Roman society was (which I could wholeheartedly believe). It's different and that's what I like. It took awhile to getting used to considering all the "clean" shows but when there is controversy there is popularity :)

ollyhume5085d ago

It's interesting that on the ratings seem to have been sabotaged. It appears as though calls for censorship and book burnings still exist.


Ru5085d ago

Interestingly enough I have never heard of this show...
Gonna have to check it out now that it has been dubbed profane!
The best advertising is sometimes the negative stuff :)


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