TRON Evolution Sets the Bar for Movie Games

TRON Evolution knocked gamers off their high-horse with its surprisingly awesome gameplay, gorgeous graphics and kick-ass music. Players were not prepared for this at all, especially from a movie based video game

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The Big Lebowski And Iron Man Star Jeff Bridges Announces Cancer Diagnosis

The Big Lebowski and Tron: Legacy star Jeff Bridges has announced tonight that he's been diagnosed with cancer.

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The Secret to 'De-aging' Well- Hollywood's Digital Fountain Of Youth

With Captain Marvel, we see a young Nick Fury, with both his eyes intact and a smooth, youthful look. At the grand old age of 70, Samuel L. Jackson is able to relive his youth, thanks to movie magic- and a lot of post-production work. Find out what other actors have drank Hollywood's digital fountain of youth.

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Is It Just Me…Or Is Tron: Legacy Actually Pretty Great?


Between all the nostalgic love for the 1982 original and a stellar in-your-face ad campaign, expectations for Tron: Legacy were higher than Kevin Flynn’s eventual broadband bill. Frankly, with fever-pitch anticipation, we were expecting Flynn’s own “digital frontier to reshape the human condition”. Instead, all we got was an incredible- looking movie that successfully updated its predecessor’s hokey concept and gave us one of the best soundtracks of the decade. So... er... what’s the problem again?

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RetrospectRealm2888d ago

Has this guy been living under a rock? The general consensus on this film is that is pretty damn good. Tron 1 is pretty badass too. The reaction to Tron 3 was huge. I can't forgive Disney for that unless they decide to put it back in motion.

And if you're going to argue with me, don't even dare bringing up a Rotten Tomatoes score of all things.

Hroach6162887d ago

Yeah I really liked this movie. Most people I think thought it was pretty good. The soundtrack is top notch. Best soundtrack in recent memory.

WizzroSupreme2886d ago

Eh, didn't like it much myself and I have no nostalgia for the original.

RetrospectRealm2885d ago

The original is so good though? I bet it's the way it looks. Is it the way it looks? Is that why?