Casting Couch: Josh Brolin Needs To Play Magnum P.I.

Scott Tunstall from Flick Sided: Okay, let me get this straight. Michael Mann made the classic ’80s cop series Miami Vice into a feature film in 2006. And Joe Carnahan unveiled his big screen adaptation of the classic ’80s soldiers-turned-mercenaries series The A-Team last week. So, where is the flick based on the classic ’80s detective series Magnum P.I.?

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It Lives Inside (2023) – Review And Summary

“It Lives Inside” deserves praise for how it handles being a first-generation Indian in a White community but might be considered lackluster as a horror movie.

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The Boys Spin-Off Gen V Gets Free Cinema Screenings from Amazon

Are you a fan of The Boys? Now's your chance to watch The Boys spin-off Gen V ahead of it's launch, at a local cinema for free.


Flora and Son Review: Eve Hewson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in an Enjoyable Family Drama | Leisurebyte

Flora and Son Review: Eve Hewson and Joseph Goron-Levitt family drama film is hopeful and heartwarming and makes for a very sweet watch.

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