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The Best Scored Moments In Film

As filmmakers the five senses are our great tools, but it is only with music that we are able to effortlessly communicate with our audience and tell our story.

Join us as THEMOVIEPOOL takes a look back at the most memorable scored moments in film history.

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mediafrenzii4400d ago

This is a great piece. I love what music adds to film and have learned that some filmmakers realize this necessary point of filmmaking way too late. Good Stuff!

jarodwarren4400d ago

Thank you. I've seen too many filmmakers neglect or under utilize the scoring in their films and they have always suffered for it. So many directors think scoring has to be huge, like 2001 A Space Odyssey and they shy away from it due to either budgeting or lack of familiarity.

But when you learn that scoring can be as simple as The Dark Knight (the high-pitched slow crescendo tinny that introduced The Joker's scenes) then they can really make some strong choices and reflect some powerful emotions.

Thanks again.

darklordzor4399d ago

I'm surprised to not see any James Bond love in the article, or Jaws. Still all of those pieces are great, and would seem incredibly hard to narrow down. Very nice, although because of that Predator mention, I can't get the line "Get to the choppa!" out of my head!

jarodwarren4392d ago

It was hard not to put any Bond pieces on it, but I decided ultimately on the fact that there were no breathtaking, ultimate moments scored in the films. Most range in emotional psyche up for the action, to get your heart beating and adrenaline pumping.