5 best performances in animated movies

Yahoo Movies: Actors do some of their most interesting work when given the chance to let loose behind an animated role.

Maybe it's the fact that they can walk into a recording booth with no makeup or costumes or props and just go for it. Maybe the kid inside of them comes out when working on such family friendly material. Either way, superstars and character actors alike, when paired with great writing, have shown some of their best stuff through their voice performances.

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jarodwarren4738d ago

Alot of good memories (recent and past) in that article. But I have to disagree with you on Betty in 101 Dalmations. If you haven't seen Molly Shannon's performance in Igor (especially the ending sequence) you've seriously missed out. I strongly recommend it. Otherwise, spot on. Good stuff. Now I'm gonna go and watch Shrek 2 again. " boots!"