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The 10 Best Animal Films Of All Time

In honor of the history of films where our wild friends were allowed to have the spotlight, THEMOVIEPOOL takes a look back at the best animal films of all time.

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amsdesignphoto4400d ago

Some great movies listed! I loved Black Beauty. Perhaps, I am biased when it comes to the movie since I love horses. I always cried when I watched that film.

Old Yeller was a tear jerker. I could only watch it once especially after what happened to Old Yeller :(

Milo and Otis is definitely a classic and adorable!

mediafrenzii4400d ago

Cat's Eye! I loved that movie as a kid. Then again I was a sucker for The Bear.

josephgomez4400d ago

In light of the recent Gulf disaster, this article reminds us of their importance. Nice.

Where's "Pet Semetary?"

jarodwarren4400d ago

Old Yeller will always have a place in my heart, even though it broke it. Pet Semetary? An interesting flick, but I think we'll keep the zombie pets to another article.