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The 10 Best Alternate Endings

Your favorite endings to your favorite films may not have been what was originally intended.

Some films don't end the way directors intend them to. Whether they come under studio pressure or the ending just doesn't play well with test audiences, sometimes the end result is different. TheMoviePool takes a look at the best endings you never saw.

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josephgomez3956d ago

The original "Little Shop" ending is actually pulled from the stage version. Musical theater kicks ass sometimes.

jarodwarren3956d ago

It certainly was a more bleak and disturbing ending. I did enjoy seeing it when I did. Seeing the world fall to a horde of bullet-proof, man-eating plants from outer space was awesome.

darklordzor3955d ago

I much preferred the ending they showed in theaters for I Am Legend. I think his death worked better than the happy alternate ending. Honestly I wish they would have staid truer to the book on the was perfect.

NewNameNow3955d ago

Yeah I hated the end when I saw it in theatres but seeing the happy ending wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be :/

deafwing3955d ago

was dope ... surprised a lot hasn't seen that film