New "Legends Of The Guardian" Trailer Proves Talking Animal Movies Don't Have To Suck

The recently released Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole trailer shows all kinds of owl on owl action, and not in the Animal Planet kind of way.

With the mindless horror of Marmaduke safely behind us, it's understandable that many are skeptical of another talking animal movie. However, it appears that Zack Snyder's 'Legend of the Guardians' goes a long way towards trying to change your mind.

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jarodwarren4741d ago

Awesome trailer. I cannot believe how far CGI has come. What will it bring us next?

mediafrenzii4741d ago

The animation looks absolutely amazing but for some reason this one just doesn't grab me. We'll see though...

amsdesignphoto4740d ago

I agree. I'm not sold but I love the animation quality

darklordzor4741d ago

I suddenly really want to see this. I wasn't at all interested before, but this has grabbed my attention. I think Snyder can pull it off...I mean if anyone can it would probably be him.

CMDobson4740d ago

That is a great trailer. I saw this trailer at the movies, and the big screen made it even more striking.