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New Predators Stills Leave Us Wanting More

Welcome to the Hunt. Prepare for war.

A host of new stills from the set of Nimrod Antal's Predators has been released. Though the shots deliver more questions than answers, there is no denying their awesomeness.

Predators releases this summer, July 9th, 2010.

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jarodwarren4399d ago

These photos are incredible and show the immense amount of detail Antal and Rodriguez are ensuring goes into the film.

I love that the original model Predator from the Arnie film is back, the classic look, but what the hell is with that new version with the orange eyes? Adrian Brody looks like a hardcore bad ass and I'm seriously hoping Topher Grace dies early on.

amsdesignphoto4399d ago

I was afraid to see another remake but I loved the stills. I might actually want to go see this. The one with "Arnie" I loved. Maybe this film might do it justice. This is exciting!

josephgomez4398d ago

Wow - casting Danny Trejo as the Predator was inspired casting. :-)

mediafrenzii4398d ago

At a Press Conference at SXSW Rodriguez said they intended this to be the sequel to the original Predators, there was a little bit of an implication that we should forget about everything else that came after.

I hope that idea holds up!

jarodwarren4398d ago

So is this a sequel to the first Predator film or does it run after Predator 2. After that it's all Alien Vs. Predator stuff.

Hopefully they'll tie it into the series. Should be awesome.

darklordzor4398d ago

I'm pretty sure this is a sequel to both of the films and possibly even the 2 AvP movies.

Either way these pics have me drooling. The Predators look amazing. All of the footage we've seen so far have just been the humans (boring) but these are just incredible. I think these might even turn the negative people around.

ASSASSYN 36o4397d ago (Edited 4397d ago )

It is a sequel. Note the S at the end or Predators. Alien Aliens
Predator Predators

darklordzor4398d ago

I like the skinned body suit. Let's you know real quick this is going for the hard 'R' it should be!

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