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Beyond Hollywood: Supernatural The Complete First Season Review

Beyond Hollywood: Who would have thunk that on a network full of spoiled rich brats, 20-something actors playing sexaholic teenagers, and some of the most lowest common denominator reality TV shows out there, you could actually find something as awesome as “Supernatural”? Having just wrapped its fifth season, “Supernatural” is now headed for a sixth year on the WB channel. Just in time for the show’s complete season one, which is arriving on Blu-ray June 15, 2010 courtesy of Warner Home Video.

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My Oni Girl Review: Unraveling Mysteries and Emotions - Filmzzine

My Oni Girl Review: The film follows high school student Hiiragi and an oni girl, Tsumugi, who find themselves together in a time of need.

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Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 Preview: Trouble on the Horizon For Penelope? | Leisurebyte

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 Preview: With her upcoming nuptials on the line, will Penelope be able to save everything that she holds dear?

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The Veil Episode 5 Review: Tensions Are Rising As the Secrets Are Coming Lose | Leisurebyte

Overall, The Veil Episode 5 is a riveting continuation that expertly blends character-driven drama with high-stakes intrigue.

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