You've Got A Friend In Me: The 10 Best Unlikely Friendships In Animation

Cinema Blend:

This weekend will be the final adventure we spend with two of the unlikeliest heroes, and even more unlikely buddies, we've ever seen on the screen. Buzz Lightyear and Woody spent Toy Story hating each other, Toy Story 2 trying to reunite, and in Toy Story 3 they... well, we'll let that last chapter of their story be a surprise. But the return of Woody and Buzz has gotten us thinking about one of the best tropes of animated films: the unlikely friends. Ever since Snow White took refuge in the house of the seven dwarves, animated characters have wound up teaming up with all kinds of people and creatures they wouldn't expect. We don't know if it's because animation gives filmmakers so much room to experiment, but animated movies have provided some of cinema's most unlikely duos.

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