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IndieWire: Toy Story 3 Review


It’s been 11 years since “Toy Story 2,” and the long delay suggests a challenge: Arguably, never have there been two sequels of an exceptional original film that both reached the same high level of initial achievement. Not under discussion here are long-arc, literary-based, multi-part single stories such as “The Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter,” nor series based upon a recurring central character, such as James Bond, where the individual plots are essentially unrelated. No matter what franchise starters you bring up—”The Godfather,” ”Jaws,” “Star Wars,” “Alien,” “The Terminator”—the third installment is most often where filmmakers trip up. So Pixar, with its remarkable track record of 10 big hits, all very good films, was well advised to proceed cautiously, no matter how strenuously Disney applied pressure over the years, with another “Toy Story.”

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