Best Buy wants you to use your cell phone at movie theaters

As part of a collaboration with the filmmakers of 'Despicable Me', Best Buy is rolling out a new mobile application designed to be used during a film in order to enhance the movie going experience.

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jarodwarren4439d ago

Could be interesting. Can't wait to see the projected numbers vs. the actual data and the fallout after so many thousands whip out their phones during the film unleashing the chattering nonsense of hundreds of yellow, cyclopean minions.

It will only lead the way to a new generation of VH1's infamous Pop-Up Video.

amsdesignphoto4439d ago

Is this new cell phone deal really necessary? I could imagine how it will drive parents insane. I wouldn't be able to handle it. Maybe that's why I'm not a parent ha.

darklordzor4439d ago

This is just going to upset me. Let's face it if their phones are already out, they'll be more inclined to use it for other purposes. I can't stand it, I go to the theater for one reason, to watch the movie and it drives me nuts when people are on their phones and stuff like that.

Sylo4438d ago

It's a terrible idea for sure. However, if you watch the Best Buy ad on the site, it says its just for translating the minions during the end credits. I don't know why the article said otherwise.