Will Smith's MIB 3D intro is kind of boring

At a recent Sony Pictures launch event Will Smith dressed up as Agent Jay to film a very short, very rushed, and over all cheesy intro that mentions 'Men in Black 3D.'

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mediafrenzii3960d ago

It looks like this was thrown together between takes in about 10 seconds, which it probably was. Hopefully this will make them let out a really good teaser when the time comes.

darklordzor3960d ago

It just seems like they weren't even trying with this one. Smith is totally lacking his normal swagger and presence. I hope he doesn't act like that throughout the movie.

whitesoxfalife3959d ago

we are talkn bout Will Smith here people of course hes gonna knock it out the park.
It has been a minute when we last saw Will in action

zoks3103959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

He has been busy coaching his son.

I dont know, what else would you expect from a trailer filmed on set probably out of the blue while the movie is still in production? It looks like Sony just said "hey lets go grab Will for a minute, get a 3D cam on him and get him to say something funny for the 3D expo tomorrow."

jarodwarren3958d ago

Quick and dirty promo shot for MIB:III. Prototypical of the industry.