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Warner Bros is already working on a 'Green Lantern' sequel

'Green Lantern' is still a little over a year away from seeing the big screen but that hasn't stopped Warner Bros from getting a head start on the sequel by hiring the original writers to begin working on a larger scale story treatment.

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Ru3960d ago

Intrestingly true.
I cant think of one comic movie to bring us out of the the milky way.
But to the point of the sequal... Nothing stops exec's from pre planning ways to rake in cash and if the green lantern movie turns out to be a flop im sure they wont have any problems cutting their losses and running.

mediafrenzii3960d ago

I'm sure they would cut their losses but it's pretty unnerving each time they get ahead of themselves with dollar signs in their eyes.

darklordzor3960d ago

Yeah this is jumping the gun quite a bit, especially since as far as I know they don't have any footage with finished (or even half-way finished) effects on it. So they're watching just the rough Dailies and deciding it's going to be awesome. This could be a good sign...or a bad one.

jarodwarren3958d ago

Jumping the gun? Try pole-vaulting the shark. Sounds like artificial hype to me.