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More MGM Fallout: Red Dawn Delayed, Perhaps Indefinitely?

SlashFilm: MGM’s dire financial situation — the studio is now controlled by creditors rather than execs — is having a growing effect on a wide variety of films. The twenty-third Bond movie was shelved indefinitely, basically until MGM’s situation is sorted out and EON Productions can get the movie made elsewhere. Guillermo Del Toro walked away from directing The Hobbit because the studio’s troubles had extended the pre-production schedule to a length he wasn’t comfortable with, and the film’s future remains uncertain.

And now the Red Dawn remake, which has already been stirring up controversy in China, is reportedly delayed until MGM’s problems are dealt with.

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WhereTheBuffalo4406d ago

the Red Dawn remake actually sounded pretty intriguing. If it's true, hopefully it gets sorted out in a quickly matter.

HumanStark4406d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo I was so ready for a ridiculous remake of an already ridiculous film.