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New book celebrates 'The Art of Drew Struzan'

One of the most influential artists in the film industry Drew Struzan has designed posters for the biggest movies ever. From Star Wars to Harry Potter, Indiana Jones to Blade Runner, Struzan is finally releasing a book that highlights his 30 year career in the industry.

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jarodwarren4747d ago

Must buy! This is a sick book and I'll be all over it once I can find it! Thanks for the listing!

darklordzor4746d ago

Yeah I've already pre-ordered the book, it looks amazing. I'm not big into poster collecting but I truly admire his work. Too bad not all of the films deserved his work, but that's the business. He even made bad movies look good in the poster.

mediafrenzii4746d ago

He produces such amazing work. I wouldn't mind picking up a copy of this book as well.