Family Guy image teases their 'Return of the Jedi' parody

In a promotional postcard designed for Comic-Con International, the creators of Family Guy teases the next installment of their wildly popular Star Wars parodies, and looks to have given away it's official title.

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mediafrenzii3684d ago

Family Guy is hilarious. Sometimes it's so over the top it's scary but man is it funny.

jarodwarren3684d ago

Hell yes! Something, Something, Something Dark Side was hysterical. Can't wait for the big finish. you go buy...

darklordzor3682d ago

Darkside was better than the first in my opinion and I just couldn't stop laughing.

PS360WII3684d ago

I always like the endings with Peter and Chris getting into an argument over who did their mocks better. In the end Chris aka Seth Green gets his own Star Wars series 0.o

Looking forward to the next Family Guy Star Wars episode though!

HumanStark3684d ago

I actually really hate Family Guy nowadays, but I love the Star Wars spoofs.

darklordzor3683d ago

I think sometimes they try too hard, but over all I still like the show, and the Star Wars spoofs are by far some of the best parodies around. Even better becaue Lucas is in support of them.

jarodwarren3684d ago

Yes the back and forth over which is better, Robot Chicken or Family Guy is always awesome, especially the rant at the end of SSSDS.