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'The Blind Side' sets a box office record

After wrapping up an incredibly long 196-day run in the movie theaters, Sandra Bullock's true story film has managed to break a box office record. Oddly enough, it's a record previously held by an Adam Sandler flick.

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mediafrenzii5102d ago

It would be interesting to know how long most movies officially run, for comparison.

JL5101d ago

Most movies nowadays stay in theaters for less than 8 weeks. Over time we're seeing movies leave theater and the theater-to-dvd turnaround becoming shorter and shorter. This is mainly due to Hollywood realizing the money is in dvd sales and rentals. They make something like close to 50% of their revenue on dvd sales/rentals.

jarodwarren5102d ago

Sandra deserves everything she has coming to her. A gorgeous, multi-talented actress who you'd rarely find in the tabloids. Congrats on a new record!

ReBurn5102d ago

It's a really great movie. One of the best I've seen in a while.


Thanksgiving Top 5: Football Movies

Collider - Once you’ve gorged yourself on potatoes and pie, and the turkey coma begins setting in, the last thing you want to do is go outside and toss the pigskin around with Junior. Why exercise when there’s plenty of football to just watch on TV? It’s the American way! But if you’re not interested in watching the perennial Lions and Cowboys matchups, perhaps a football-themed movie will do instead. “But there’re so many to choose from and my brain is full of stuffing!” you say. Never fear! We’ve done all the grunt work for you. What follows is the five best movies ever to grace the gridiron. Hit the jump to check out the Collider Thanksgiving Top 5 Football Movies. Down, set, hike! If you missed any of our previous “Thanksgiving Top 5″ articles, click here.

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alycakes4564d ago

Brian's Song was so sad but it was a great movie and was based on a true story like The Blind Side. I don't usually like to watch sad movies but they were good.


Toy Story 3 Is Highest Grossing Movie of 2010; Avatar Is the Best-Selling DVD

Since 2010 has come and gone, the numbers for the year have been collected, compiled and compared. Now, those numbers have been released. According to domestic data compiled by Rentrak between January 1 2010 and December 31 2010, Toy Story 3 proved to be the biggest box office moneymaker of 2010. The Oscar-nominated animated film grossed $415,004,880 in theaters in 2010. This is a sizable lead over the second place Alice in Wonderland which brought in $334,191,110 through the year.

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Sunny_D4861d ago

I had a feeling Avatar would be the best selling DVD since it did so well in theaters. But, didn't expect Toy Story GET HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE, NICE.

JL4861d ago

Honestly, I would've expected it to be the other way around. With Avatar running a long time in 2010 as well, plus having the re-release. And just how huge the movie was. Though, I guess it just wasn't factored into the numbers they released due to it actually being a 2009 release. That being said though, if you do count what Avatar did at the box office in 2010, it ranks right up there with Toy Story 3 and possibly surpasses it just a bit.

I also expect that Toy Story 3 and Avatar race in the DVD section was pretty close as well considering how long Toy Story 3 has stayed in the Top 10 charts.

Sunny_D4860d ago

Yeah, but Toy Story is a classic, Avatar is not.


EmpireOnline: The Blind Side Review

EmpireOnline: Home decorator Leigh Anne Tuohy (Bullock) stuns her family and community when she invites homeless black teen Big Mike (Aaron) to live in her home. As Leigh Anne strives to help Big Mike academically, she delves into his traumatic upbringing and discovers that the youngster shows promise as an American football player.

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