'The Blind Side' sets a box office record

After wrapping up an incredibly long 196-day run in the movie theaters, Sandra Bullock's true story film has managed to break a box office record. Oddly enough, it's a record previously held by an Adam Sandler flick.

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mediafrenzii4745d ago

It would be interesting to know how long most movies officially run, for comparison.

JL4744d ago

Most movies nowadays stay in theaters for less than 8 weeks. Over time we're seeing movies leave theater and the theater-to-dvd turnaround becoming shorter and shorter. This is mainly due to Hollywood realizing the money is in dvd sales and rentals. They make something like close to 50% of their revenue on dvd sales/rentals.

jarodwarren4745d ago

Sandra deserves everything she has coming to her. A gorgeous, multi-talented actress who you'd rarely find in the tabloids. Congrats on a new record!

ReBurn4744d ago

It's a really great movie. One of the best I've seen in a while.