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Final 'The Karate Kid' trailer kicks you in the face

With the film's release quickly approaching, Columbia Pictures is giving fans a bone to hold them over in the form of a final, more action heavy, trailer.

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CMDobson5099d ago

I am kindof in the middle as far as excitement on this one. Do not get me wrong.. I will be going to see it. It's just that loved the originals growing up, and am not sure if this will make the cut. Who knows? Maybe it will be good in its own way.

mediafrenzii5099d ago

I'm probably in the minority here but I don't really think this movie is going to be all that good. We'll see though.

darklordzor5099d ago

Some of the reviews coming out for it are saying it's really good, with Jackie Chan giving one of the best acting performances he's ever had. That's saying quite a bit...I've seen Rush Hour (fine performances there).

tunaks15097d ago

Karate Kid a movie about kung fu...

Ru5097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

Indeed. :)

I Think I will like this kung fu / Karate movie.


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