If This Is The Next Mortal Kombat, Sign Us Up

Kotaku: Michael Jai White as Jax? Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade? Baraka and Reptile as homicidal maniacs? This footage from what looks to be the next Mortal Kombat game or movie trailer is brutal, disgusting, and perfect.

darklordzor4741d ago

I'm not sure what to hope for on this one. It's a pretty unique take on the story, but it doesn't feel like Mortal Kombat. Kombat always had this mystical fantastical quality about the story, and bringing it to this level feels out of place.

More than likely this is for the new game, but that would be taking the series in an odd direction (which is needed). But if by some miracle this is for a movie, then I'm not pleased. I'd rather a movie try and keep the fantastical elements in tact. The story for the first movie was actually pretty good. If you jazz that up with solid fighting and better acting you've got a great movie in the making.

NewNameNow4741d ago

This is amazing, the fact that they're trying to tie the characters into a more "real" universe actually helps make it appealing.

HumanStark4741d ago

I will watch this movie fifteen times. Sixteen if they actually get Jeri Ryan to do kung-fu in a death tournament.

Kingdom Come4740d ago

The "Realistic" Approach to the Characters and World is Intriguing and the Demo footage was gripping, however Baraka needs to be remodelled and given a different backstory, Dreadlocks? A Failed Doctor? Apart from Baraka the other characters seemed well thoughtout, lets hope this gets picked up.

darklordzor4740d ago

I'm still not entirely sold on reptile either, but it's not too bad I guess. Yeah I didn't care for Baraka, his story seemed a little flawed, and didn't make much sense. I just can't see Scorpion being the main 'hero' in this movie, that seem totally off, but not a bad decision either. It makes me wonder if Lu-Kang will be in it at all if this film happens.

WLPowell4740d ago

but I think in MK:Deception they explain in Scorpion's ending that he was the elder gods champion the entire time.