Player Affinity: "Shrek Forever After" threepeats

Simon Brookfield - "Are we sure it’s summer? Because the box office certainly looks like the doldrums of the early year dumping grounds, which ironically performed better than what is supposed to be the blockbuster season. Week after week we have seen films underperform and fail to reach profitability or recoup their massive budgets."

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It Lives Inside (2023) – Review And Summary

“It Lives Inside” deserves praise for how it handles being a first-generation Indian in a White community but might be considered lackluster as a horror movie.

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The Boys Spin-Off Gen V Gets Free Cinema Screenings from Amazon

Are you a fan of The Boys? Now's your chance to watch The Boys spin-off Gen V ahead of it's launch, at a local cinema for free.


Flora and Son Review: Eve Hewson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in an Enjoyable Family Drama | Leisurebyte

Flora and Son Review: Eve Hewson and Joseph Goron-Levitt family drama film is hopeful and heartwarming and makes for a very sweet watch.

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