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IGN: Breaking Bad: "Half Measures" Review

IGN writes: "Good lord.

You know, you heard all of that talk about Jesse accepting that he's the bad guy at the start of the season, as if he had changed or at least realized what his role in life was, and suddenly he's not. He's the moral one. It's not a mis-step or contradiction by the creative team at all, it was a character not knowing who or what he really is. He sees children run as a sort of shield for dealers and says "this is wrong," and no one sides with him. The one thing that's kept him from being the bad guy he claims to be--kids--is the one thing that's bringing about his downfall. He's hoisting himself on his own petard".

LobbycastGeoff4740d ago

That was pretty much it. I just watched this episode this morning and was shocked by the ending. I knew something crazy was going to happen, but I wasn't expecting what actually happened!