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Star Wars corsets make the galaxy far, far away look sexy

Who says geeks can't be good looking? At least that's the idea behind these new Star Wars themed corsets and costumes. The tricky part is figuring out how convince your girl to wear it.

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mediafrenzii4454d ago

Yeah that might make Episode I play a little better.

jarodwarren4454d ago

Hmmm, I'm seeing the series in a whole new light...should have been some female stormtroopers in there. But now we can truly dream.

darklordzor4454d ago

Yeah if they remade the Saga, these need to be the costumes.

amsdesignphoto4454d ago

I'm not much into StarWars but I love dressing up. I can dig this but the price is a bit steep. Ouch.

darklordzor4452d ago

Yeah the price is definitely a little high. I can understand since it is a custom piece and you get quite a bit from it.