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The 8 best teaser trailers of the 90s

Often times teaser trailers are the first glimpses of a film fans get, and in the years before YouTube instantly had these trailers, people still had to go to the theaters to see them. The Movie Pool highlights the best teasers of that far away time...the 90s.

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mediafrenzii4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

I remember when I first saw the trailer to Terminator 2 I went nuts! Of course I was a kid and loved robots but when I saw the liquid metal FX my jaw hit the floor.

amsdesignphoto4744d ago

I dont remember the trailer as a child but I know when I saw the liquid metal I flipped out. I thought that was so cool. Even to this day, I love T2. It was my favorite out of all the films.

Another great one was Jurassic Park. Even to this day, it's a classic and an amazing feat (in my opinion). After I saw the movie in theaters, that night I had a nightmare that the T-Rex was in the city and in my neighborhood. It destroyed part of my ceiling and I was under the bed. It pushed the bed around then I woke up haha. Then down the road in the second one the T-Rex is released in the city. How freaky is that? LoL

darklordzor4744d ago

I guess I'm just a fanboy but nothing beats the Episode 1 trailer. Though all of them are incredibly fun to watch. It's amazing how far things have come in the industry even for trailers.

jarodwarren4744d ago

Now this was a sweet article. Terminator 2 and Fight Club got my adrenaline pumping. The 90's was my teenage decade and there was no better time to be a teenager. The movies released were fearless and often genre-breaking. Both acting and special effects were at the height of their game and each of the films listed really grabbed your full focus when you saw them. Some trailers were better than the films (Godzilla, Phantom Menace) but some left much to the imagination and the film turned around blew that away (Fight Club, T2).

rasar11124744d ago

My personal fave, no doubts. Really good article