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Redbox upgrades to Blu-ray this Summer

The kiosk based movie rental service has exploded onto the scene and is a contributing factor behind Movie Gallery's downfall. Now the Redbox is jumping into the next media generation by offering Blu-ray disc rentals for $1.50 a night.

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mediafrenzii4408d ago

I'm not big on spending extra money on rentals but for $0.50 more a night I'm in.

darklordzor4408d ago

This is finally going to tip me over into finally using those things. I wasn't interested before, since I typically only want to watch Blu-ray anymore (I'm a snob I know). For a buck 50 this is a hard deal to pass up. I'm tired of spending $30 a piece for a new blu-ray.

JL4408d ago

I buy DVD/Blu-rays all the time, but yet I still find time and 'need' to use redbox frequently as well. There's plenty types of movies I feel are just fine on DVD still. It can be very useful cause there are plenty movies that I feel fall in the "I'm not spending 20-30 for this movie, but I wouldn't mind seeing it once" category. And that's where redbox comes into play for me. It's pretty awesome (and even more awesome now with blu-ray), proof of that is in how it's been crippling Blockbuster.

Btw, I was wondering when this was going to go all out, I've actually seen ONE blu-ray at one of my local redbox. Late last year they had Star Trek on blu-ray. But that's it.

darklordzor4407d ago

Well the President didn't really give a set date for it. But the way he talked it sounded like the program is And then over the next few months we'll be seeing the Boxes fill up with them.

jarodwarren4408d ago

I'm still not sold on Blu-Ray. Just too damn expensive to update my 750+ DVD library. Hopefully it won't go totally BR and leave us troglodites in the dust.

darklordzor4408d ago

You hurt my heart. Blu-ray is the way to go. It's taking me a while to update all of my DVDs but that's the great thing about the BD players, they'll play both!

JL4408d ago

That's why you don't update. That's the great thing about it, even if you upgrade to blu-ray player and that's all you have, you can still play those DVDs. I have like 1300 DVDs and no chance in hell I'm updating those and rebuying them in Blu-Ray. But I will support blu-ray and make the transition without fear of leaving my DVDs behind. Right now it's probably 60-40 dvd-bluray that I buy (just don't think things like comedies really need to be bought on blu-ray right now, but definitely things like Alice in Wonderland and Avatar should be).