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Star Wars Kid puts Jedi training on Hold and Earns Law Degree

While millions may have enjoyed the young Star Wars fanatic's intense light saber training, few know what ever happened to the kid after his moment of internet stardom. Well just in case you were curious of the young Padawan's fate, he has become full fledged defender of justice.

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darklordzor4455d ago

Quite a drastic change for him, and it's amazing that that video is still being played everywhere. YouTube has created a generation of stars...for being stupid.

ReBurn4455d ago

Now watch, he's going to be coming after everyone who made fun of him. And he's going to make them all pay!

I can't believe this was so long ago.

john master lee4454d ago

Now all the people in his generation are regretting wasting so much time watching youtube and not getting a solid job