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6 Terrifying (and Scarring) Children's Movies

Not every kids movie is sugar and gum drops. In fact, some of them are going to leave a young mind in bad shape after just a single viewing. The list includes f'ed-up material like The Brave Little Toaster, Watership Down, and a demonic piece of claymation.

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Cat4413d ago

I'm still in therapy thanks to The Brave Little Toaster. Don't even get me started on "Fraggle Rock".

LebaNoob4413d ago (Edited 4413d ago )

Oh my god I just remembered what The Brave Little Toaster was when I saw the pic in the article... Seriously just the picture is making me feel REALLY uncomfortable :S
And "claymation" still freaks me out to this day, and I'm no child. I'm not going to watch that Mark Twain video because I just know it's going to give me nightmares :|

rezzah4412d ago

The satan one is creepy, bu tht e other are not so bad. I still see why people can get scared though. Thing is I use to watch horror moves when I was really young, so things like these in kid shows werent scary at all. I loved Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of The dark when I was a kid.

Odion4412d ago

Where the devil is Plague Dogs?

PS360WII4412d ago

I must have a detachment from videos even at an early age. The only movie that gave me nightmares as a kid was Alien... yup my Dad let me watch that one early :)

Heck I even remember watching Cabaret as a kid and only remembering the funny songs while totally forgetting, or blocking out for that matter the horrible scene in the back alley of a guy getting beat up bloody 0.o It wasn't till I was grown up when I was saying "You guys let me watch this!" lol

Now-a-days kids scare to easy. My nieces and nephews can't even watch Disney movies because of some parts -.-

Loved that Claymation one and Brave Little Toaster was a fun one to watch ^^