JoBlo: Get Him to the Greek Review


Russell Brand is f*cking electrifying! That was exactly what I was thinking while watching GET HIM TO THE GREEK. His wild, drug and alcohol induced behavior oftentimes feels very real. And when record company intern Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) is asked to get a once clean and sober Aldous Snow to perform at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, he finds it a near impossible job. What we have here is a serious bromance from director Nick Stoller that also happens to be a rock and roll comedy that gets all the rockin’ and rollin’ right. I’m talking sex, drugs, music and of course, being part of the Judd Apatow (Producer) universe, it has a serious side. After all, this hard and heavy lifestyle can cost you a whole lot, so it is up to this Aldous to teach our boy Aaron a lesson about life, and vice versa.