Molly Shannon Talks 'Neighbors From Hell,' 'Glee' and Betty White

TVSquad: You may think it, but your neighbors probably aren't from hell, unless of course, they're the Hellmans from TBS's new animated series 'Neighbors From Hell' (Mon. Jun 7 at 10PM ET).

What happens when a company, Petromundo, makes an oil drill that is capable of entering the center of the earth? Well, if you're Satan, you step in to do something about it by sending demons Balthazor (voiced by Will Sasso) and Tina Hellman (Molly Shannon) along with their kids to pose as a Texan family and figure out a way to stop the drill.

Molly Shannon, fresh off a 'Saturday Night Live' reunion show hosted by Betty White and verbal sparring with Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) on 'Glee,' shared her thoughts those two projects, the new series and its timely nature given the BP oil spill and what Mary Katherine Gallagher really means to her.

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