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Three Weeks Until Futurama Returns - How Will You Be Celebrating?

Dick Ward writes: " If you’re a fan of the show, you’re no doubt just as excited as I am. So tell us, how will you be celebrating?

Me? I’m having a party. I’ve invited twenty or thirty of my closest friends – out of which ten to fifteen will probably show up – and I’ll be getting things going in true ‘Futurama’ style."

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Ru4411d ago

It's not a Party unless you get slurms Mckenzie to come!

Finally one of my favorite canned TV series will see Justice

gonzodamus4411d ago

The original party worm? Whimmy-wham-wham-wazzle!

Ru4411d ago

Futuramma Should have hired MountainDew to produce a Slurm Limited Edition soda.
Would most definitely help the publicity and ratings.
Just as long as it isnt made from a giant worm hiney!

gonzodamus4411d ago

I feel like that's a huge missed opportunity. Especially since Mountain Dew will make a new soda for videogames at the drop of a hat!

xTHRASHx4411d ago

woot. cant wait. heres hoping it lasts as long as the simpsons. :D long live zoidberg

Ru4410d ago

well with FOX behind this again who knows?
26 new episode are Guaranteed tho!

olon124410d ago

i will Celebrate by pop open a cold one and a pizza pie