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Another Tale of Good Ideas Gone Wrong

Josh Zyber writes: "Consider this a follow-up to recent stories about how ‘Robin Hood’ went from a great high-concept idea to a tepid ‘Gladiator’ clone, and Shia LaBeouf speaking out about the failings of two of his biggest box office hits. This week, ostensibly to promote the new DVD and Blu-ray editions of ‘The Wolfman‘, Hollywood’s legendary monster-maker Rick Baker gave an interview to Horror Squad in which he’s surprisingly candid about the troubled production."

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Polluted5061d ago

I ended up really liking The Wolfman. It was probably about 90% turn-of-the-century-era mystery and 10% monster flick, but that certainly didn't ruin it for me.


Crime Scene Berlin-Nightlife Killer Review | Leisurebyte

Crime Scene Berlin-Nightlife Killer Review: This documentary series really drops the ball with its storytelling.

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Civil War (2024) Movie Review

In a movie that largely sidesteps what the war is about, “Civil War” puts us in the point of view of journalists who make it clear there are no heroes in war, just dead bodies.

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The Greatest Hits (2024) Movie Review

“The Greatest Hits” brings visuals to the saying, “Music moves you,” as a woman is repeatedly transported through time when triggered by songs that hold memories of her deceased ex.

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