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Rewatching Films, TV Reruns and Playing Old Videogames - Why Do We Do It?

Dick Ward writes: "No, this isn’t an explanation for our weird habits. That’s something better left to sociology majors. I’m not even trying to comment on human behavior. There are swan-wearing Icelandic singers that do that far better than I could. I just want to talk about content consumption, why it is that we can watch the same thing over and over again – and why that, in some cases, we prefer it."

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Ru5074d ago (Edited 5074d ago )

Hello my name is Josh and Im a Rerun addict too.
I have watched every episode of Futuramma (10x) Buffy (10x) Bones (3x) Angel (5x) and FireFly (10x) Supernatural (2x) StarTrek Enterprise (3x) etc etc estimated.

JL5074d ago

Hello, oddly enough my name is Josh as well. I'm also a re-watch addict. I watch reruns of shows like The Office, Seinfeld, Family Guy, King of Queens, etc all the time. And with a collection of 1200+ dvds, I watch movies over again all the time as well. I've seen every one I own at least twice. That even includes the really bad ones (I'm looking at you Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Wicker Man, The Happening, etc).

I don't think it's really all that weird to rewatch things over again. It's the same with all mediums of entertainment. Hell we re-listen to music all the time and that seems no big deal. People like to re-read books all the time as well. For the most part it's just because it's a fun experience. Whether it was a good book or a good movie or a funny tv show, it provided just what it was meant to: great entertainment. And we like to revisit that.

Then again, sometimes I also just rewatch movies for the sake of rewatching them, out of boredom. To remind myself that they were in fact pretty much garbage.

Ru5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

cuz whats good?

See its Wierd but I actually never... Ok well RARELY pick up a video game that I set down.
And the ones that I do are the classics.. so Nostalgia has got to be big factor for video games at least but with TV series... At some point I say Enough I cant watch this episode anymore! but perhaps 10 years from now or sooner I will feel that nostalgia that I do with Supermario bro's 1,2 and 3 and Metroid and Mortal kombat 1,2 and 3 etc etc.
But even those game's I never pick up for more than a hour or five, so what does that say?

xTHRASHx5073d ago

for games, when they dont have mp, i hardly ever replay. tv shows i do. movies to.
and what i was saying was usually ull rewatch tv or movies cause they are good and ya like em


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