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20 WTF TV Character Deaths

Mania: Many beloved characters have gone on to meet their maker on television – Tasha Yar, Henry Blake, Teri Bauer. Some have come back from the dead, most notably Buffy Summers, John Locke, and Bobby Ewing (who are NOT on this list). Who could ever forget Bobby Ewing coming back in the shower at the end of the 9th season of Dallas.


The Boyfriend Episodes 1-3 Review: Slow Burning Game of Push and Pull - Filmzzine

The Boyfriend Episodes 1-3 Review: The Japanese dating reality show follows a group of men who must forge new connection while living together.

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4 Times Teen TV Boyfriends Were The Absolute Worst

Why did viewers find these TV boyfriends so hot when they were the literal worst?

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Douglas Is Cancelled: Season 1 Review

Karen Gillan shines as she plays opposite Hugh Bonneville in a mini-series about a veteran journalist who might get cancelled due to an off-color joke.

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