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Peter Jackson's Manager Quashes Hobbit Directing Rumors Again

Cinema Blend writes: "Many pairs of nerd pants were wet earlier this week when, despite upsetting news about Guillermo Del Toro's departure from the film, it was suggested that Peter Jackson would possibly direct The Hobbit if necessary to protect Warner Bros' investment. The news came in contrast to statements made earlier by Jackson's manager which said that Jackson's involvement in the film would always stop at the producing credit. The whole situation is confusing, to say the least, but now Jackson's people are back to clear things up. Unfortunately, it looks like nerd pants are going to stay dry this time."

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The Exorcism Movie Review - Fortress of Solitude

Possession films are a dime a dozen with tons of motion pictures about people spewing pea soup when those pesky demons occupy and live rent free in their bodies.

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My Anxiety Personified In "Inside Out 2" - Review | Everyone Gaming

Inside Out 2 has got to be the animation movie of the year for me so far. It had everything I wanted from the original and so much more I never could have anticipated. From the very first opening scene with that nostalgic, wholesome piano keys of the theme sound from the first movie, it was like my soul was transported back into the feelings the first movie brought about while bringing me wholly into the world of the sequel.

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"Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pinball" for "Pinball M" Review \\ paulsemel

This horror movie-inspired virtual pinball table is a bloody good time (sorry).

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rpad10d ago

wow. that looks just like my pinball-torture basement!