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Casting the Upcoming Mass Effect Movie

Igorslab wrote: Any Bioware fans out there? If you are, then you've probably heard by now that Legendary Pictures (yeah, those dudes that made 300) have aquired the rights to turn Mass Effect into a big screen epic for all the world to see. Being that this project is early in pre-production, it would be wrong to assume the cast has been chosen...

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darklordzor4749d ago

These are some pretty good picks for the roles. Most of them seem fairly obvious, but if these people were actually cast this might be pretty decent.

HBandell4749d ago

A lot of those are TV actors: I'd like to see a stronger cast. Some of those picks are bang on though. I can imagine someone like Chris Evans or Sam Worthington in that role...
Also, Seth Green's waaaaay too obvious. Justin Bartha would be a better choice.

Ru4748d ago

But who will Megan Fox play?