Dark Horse gives a look at Frank Miller's follow-up to 300

After working on a prequel to '300' for three years, Frank Miller and Dark Horse are ready to give fans a sneak peek at the upcoming comic book, which is sure to follow up with another big screen adaptation.

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mediafrenzii4451d ago

Xerxes was the most comical of all the characters. I'm not too sure this will turn out to be any good. I mean 300 looks amazing but is kind of a cheese fest.

darklordzor4451d ago

Yeah that's kind of how I feel. 300 made you really not like Xerxes, but as far as I know he isn't the main character. It's someone else who is around as Xerxes rises to power, so it might not be that bad.

jarodwarren4448d ago

I do hope it's a bit more open in its scope than 300 was. Remembering that Miller changed a great many details about the original Battle at Thermopylae Pass to make it more dramatic, who knows what we will see.

That and I'm not sure my ego can take seeing so many six-packs again. :(