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Tai Chi expert claims 'Kung Fu Panda' stolen from his pitch

Matthew Belloni writes: "A martial arts guru is accusing DreamWorks Animation of stealing one of its most lucrative characters.

Terence Dunn, who describes himself as a writer-producer-teacher-philos opher and says he "pioneered the practice of Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qigong in modern medicine," claims in a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court that he originated the idea for a movie about a "spiritual Kung-fu fighting panda bear" and met with the studio months before it decided to make "Kung Fu Panda" without him."

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darklordzor5130d ago

Interesting if true, but I'm just a little skeptical on this. It didn't mention anything about his proof and the damn movie came out 2 years ago. Why try and do all of this now. Why now file the lawsuit when the first film came out, not when the second is announced and on the way.

Though this does make me wonder what effect (if any) this will have on the sequel's production. They just started announcing all of these big stars for it, I'd hate to have something happen to mess that up.

Faztkiller5130d ago

Really looking forward to it


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