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UGO: An Open Letter to Guillermo Del Toro

UGO writes: "Guillermo Del Toro, you did the right thing.

While we can’t imagine the pain of dumping two years of unfinished work, a sinking studio is no home for your version of a pair of epic fantasy films. Frankly, we were never that hot on you directing The Hobbit in the first place. The only reasonable choice for that job, in our opinion, is a relative newcomer who doesn’t have quite as signatory a mark and can ease into the world created by Peter Jackson. Either that or Jackson himself (which is looking more likely.)"

darklordzor4750d ago

Agreed. While I really wanted to see his verison of the Hobbit, I totally agree with his decision; especially consiering that he has other obligations that are being pushed back because of this. We were supposed to be seeing this film this year, now it hasn't even started filming.

My hopes are that Jackson will step in like he's talked about. Let him finish what he started.

HBandell4750d ago

Del Toro was right to back down, especially with other projects on his list. But now wasn't the best timing: with MGM in trouble and the Hobbit being pushed back to compensate, having the director step down after a release date was already confirmed won't help things.

The Hobbit will happen but this will be a serious bump in the road for its production. It was supposed to have a December 2012 release date, but I can't see it happening until December 2013 earliest... :(