The PGL Lobbycast: Episode 66

On Episode 66, Sam, Geoff and special guest Jordan discuss the passing of Dennis Hopper and Gary Coleman, The Hobbit Holdup, Robin Hood, Lost and Dexter. JAxel and Jon Liu join in via the Ustream chat channel and cheer on the hosts through gaming news, The Weekly Whatchas and The Indie Game Roundup.

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Cat4746d ago

Had a great movie convo this weekend with a friend we will call...M. M was describing a trailer he saw, trying to remember the name of the movie:

M, "So it's like this whole counterculture movement, against the Paris Hiltons and Nicole Richies and their tiny dogs, because this girl has a big dog. So it's like this coming of age story for this girl, and she has a big dog -"

C, "Marmaduke?"

M, "Yeah!"

C, "Pretty sure that's just about a big dog."

LobbycastGeoff4745d ago

Yeah, have him watch the trailer and then try and make some counterculture statement! Hah!