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Terminator Rights Holder Gets Representation

Coming Soon writes: "Pacificor LLC announced today that it has retained William Morris Endeavor Entertainment to represent the company in the sale of all rights to the iconic "Terminator" franchise.

Included are rights to exploit the property for film, television, merchandise and multiplayer online games. In addition, WME has been retained to assist the Santa Barbara hedge fund in selecting and retaining key talent for the next sequel in the "Terminator" series."

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darklordzor4758d ago

Sweet, I actually liked the last film, and really want to see more done with this universe.

Cyrus3654757d ago

I just hope they get a good director and writer back on board for the series, hello James Cameron. I wouldn't mind seeing a James Cameron production, costing 300-400 million to make in 3D or something insane like that.

darklordzor4756d ago

I don't think there's any way Cameron will come back to this franchise. He's on a different page now. It would be sweet, but I don't see it happening.

I really didn't mind McG's movie. I thought it was pretty fun to watch, but I think most of the problem's came from the script.