No screen time for Iron Man until 'The Avengers'

Despite the Iron Man 2's final scene, which sets up the next Marvel big screen adventure, director Jon Favreau confirms that Iron Man (or Tony Stark) won't be making any film appearances until 'The Avengers' hits theaters in 2012.

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amsdesignphoto3725d ago

I think he should make an appearance at least once. So disheartening... I love Tony Stark

darklordzor3725d ago

Yeah his cameo in Hulk was awesome, too bad we won't get more of that.

CMDobson3725d ago

Oh no.. I love Tony Stark, too. Kindof bummed about this.

darklordzor3723d ago

I just don't get the reasoning behind this, he was a great tie-in with the Hulk that got fans excited and I don't think Nick Fury's character can give that same feeling. Maybe it's in Robert Downey Jr. is too busy at this point to squeeze in the cameo. It's possible with as popular as he's becoming again.