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Kane and Lynch Movie Director Walks

Encase you didn’t know; they’re making a movie of the videogame Kane and Lynch (and a comic too). The movie is set to have Bruce Willis (Surrogates, Die Hard) as Adam “Kane” Marcus, Jamie Foxx (Jarhead, The Soloist) as James Lynch and the whole thing was scripted by Kyle Ward (writer/producer of 3 Rounds).

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darklordzor4419d ago

Maybe this is a sign that they shouldn't make this movie....

Farmhand4419d ago

I dont know darklordzor, I really feel that given a the right script these two actors could make a heck of a movie with any director. I am hoping that this is the "one" that proves that video game adapttions can be done. please excuse my spelling, stayed up to late and woke up to early!

amsdesignphoto4419d ago

They have the actors. Let's see if it'll pull through as a success all around

pixelsword4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

I hope they make it; I like the work of both of those actors, and come to think of it, I think the chemistry would be dynamite between these two.

Where the #*%@ did my avatar go?

Johnny_Cojones4418d ago (Edited 4418d ago )

I wish they'd just start from scratch. I mean, this movie may end up being pretty good in it's own right, but both leads are miscast, & it'd benefit from having a skilled director helming it.