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When good actors go bad...and disappear

Actors come and go in Hollywood. Once their time has expired, should they stay gone or try and fight to remain in the big picture? Follow the stories of these 12 actors and actresses who were once the monumental during the late 70s-90s.

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mediafrenzii4456d ago

I had no idea that the director of Couples Retreat was the kid from A Christmas Story. That's a great article.

darklordzor4456d ago

I hate how Mark Hamill basically disappeared after Star Wars (being that I'm such a huge Star Wars news) but it really seems like he's getting back on top of things. He's got his comic books that he writes, and he's always been the best voice for The Joker on Batman. And now with his Black Pearl movie finally moving forward it looks like he's making a comeback. Too bad it took 25 years to do so.

Farmhand4455d ago

he was branded as the face of star wars for 30+ years, that would be a hard thing to shake. Every time people saw his face they thought of star wars and he couldnt get out of the shadow.

amsdesignphoto4455d ago

My theory is better late than never :)

It is hard to shake a stigma of such colossal heights. I used to watch Married With Children religiously growing up. Now when I see Ed O'Neill anywhere I think "Al Bundy." It's hard to remove yourself out of it.

rasar11124455d ago

yet harrison ford was able to make the transition from han solo to indie and then on to do greater artistic roles such as in regarding henry

darklordzor4455d ago

I think it's because he did Indy and other films during Star Wars. Hamill didn't.

tunaks14454d ago

While for the most part Mark Hamil was good he wasnt ground braking.
His acting is about on par with the original trilogies performances (im guessing I'll be flamed for saying that). He is an excellent voice actor though.

darklordzor4454d ago

Actually I think many would agree with you on that one. Otherwise we would have seen him do more. Voice acting is where he really shines and I'm glad he's found a niche in that.