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IGN: FlashForward: "Future Shock" Review

IGN writes: "So that was FlashForward, huh? Oh, well. At least no one can accuse it of going out with a whimper. The last ten minutes of "Future Shock" were a rockum sockum shoot 'em up that totally made me overlook most of the malarky that this series was trying to pass off as cleverness. It was kind of fun to watch Mark (Joseph Fiennes) almost single-handedly take out Hellinger's fake, masked SWAT team (why were they masked again?). And I know I shouldn't have liked the "what did you see?" line that Mark said to the dude before he blasted a hole in his chest, but I did. So there. And of course, he didn't really kill a dozen guys all by himself, but he killed most of them. Wedeck and Vreede ran back into the bomb-ridden building to open fire on a few baddies as well and it was pretty great to see those two, well, do something; Wedeck, because he was always such a hindrance and Vreede because, well, he doesn't exactly look like an action hero".