Uwe Boll Wants to Sue You

IGN writes: "Director Uwe Boll is "on a mission" to recoup the money he believes he's lost as a result of illegal file sharing of his film Far Cry. Could you be next?"

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darklordzor4756d ago

I guess if I sucked as bad as he does, then I'd be doing everything I could to get money back too. Then again, I'm interested in the people who would take up precious hard drive space to download one of his movies. They may deserve to have their money taken from him.

somedude58924755d ago

.... um yea, Mr. Boll.. All your movies are terrible and a major let down to the gaming community.

If that many people down loaded your film I'm sure they all promptly deleted it after watching the first 10 minutes of it.

Because, like the rest of your films, it's most likely the worst movie ever.