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Video Game Films: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Simon Brookfield of wrote: For a genre where the most highly regarded films are often described as the "least bad," it is not surprising video game movies garner little praise from critics or audiences on a steady basis. This feature could be more aptly named "The Okay, The Awful, and The Horrendous."

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Dementious4755d ago

Completely agree with this article.

rasar11124754d ago

while tomb raider is questionable to me, the rest of them are spot on.

SlaughterMeister4753d ago

Tomb Raider sucked. Bad story, bad action, BAD STORY.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, contrary to its name, is NOT A VIDEO GAME MOVIE!

The Resident Evil Trilogy? Seriously? With Nemesis wandering around in his platform boots and bobble-head masked shouting "SPLEH!" at everyone he sees? This series barely has anything to do with Resident Evil, it's terrible.

Silent Hill was *almost* good. With a little more effort, it could have been wothwhile.

Max Payne: "video games make questionable source material." Do they? No. Hollywood doesn't take video games seriously, so they RUIN the source material. Max Payne the film was absolute crap in terms of storytelling compared to the games. And does anyone remember there being any Valkyries in the game? Nope. Oh look at that, it has nothing to do with the source material, and everything to do with bad filmmaking.